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    Jamie Lynn Morgan

    We grew up in the '80s—what a fantastic time for music, movies, fashion, pop culture, and politics. A vast majority of us were latchkey kids. And if you were the oldest like me, you took care of younger siblings too.

    All those experiences prepared us for the current state of the world. Working at a company for your entire career is not something you see anymore. Now we change companies and even careers more often. We are employees, business owners, freelancers, and innovators. 

    The generations surrounding us may be more significant in number, but we are the next leaders of this world. This will be a space that talks about my journey, but also how I might be able help you in yours.

    About Me

When mentioned in the media, at conferences, or anywhere we find ourselves as the "forgotten generation." It is all about the Boomers and the Millennials. Gen X is again left to wear a key around our neck to unlock doors on our own. 

Opportunity is everywhere, the key is be able to see it

More About Me

I was the tall awkward smart girl with glasses, who played sports, enjoyed drawing and writing, be-friended anyone, and didn't know she was a "freak" until Junior High School. 

A lot of what I will share here will be about my current midlife comedy. (Using comedy, in the spirit of Shakespeare's definition, makes more sense to me than the other C-word people tend to use.) Shakespeare Comedy defined: "a play characterized by its humorous or satirical tone and its depiction of amusing people or incidents, in which the characters ultimately triumph over adversity."

I will talk about how going car-free changed my life and provide ideas and tips for how, if you choose, you can too (even if only one day a week). It will also talk about how I believe transportation choice, along with encouraging community, creates vibrancy, health, and longevity for people, businesses, non-profit organizations, and the city.  

Gen X was the first to embrace being yourself and different. If John Hughes taught us anything, it was that the outcasts always win in the end. 

My Work

Don't You Forget About

Generation X has a lot of spending power, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. We outspend all other generations when it comes to housing, clothing, eating out, and entertainment. We shouldn't be an afterthought!

You need to create a community we want to be part of to build loyalty. Because we still have a lot of life left to spend money, commit to community service, and contribute to our cities! 




True Colors

We, Gen Xers, were born between 1961-1981; most are in our highest-earning years and reaching the top of our professions. We have a powerful influence on both household and company decisions.

Most of us have families, with children likely in school or graduating from college. Family safety and financial future are critical. Show us you can be trusted, and provide a reliable product or service, and we will be loyal customers. 

As a generation, we have been through the moon landing, the Cold War, the internet revolution, the Y2K crisis, birth (and death) of music videos, and like generations before us experienced war on our soil. If you aren't authentic, we will see, smell, feel, and hear it! 

"Pour Some Sugar On Me" - Poison

  1. We currently make up 31% of the total U.S. income.
  2. 72% use the internet to research businesses.
  3. 54% are frustrated that brands continually ignore them, and the other 46% don't give a shit.
  4. 48% of us still listen to the radio, 62% even read newspapers, and 85% watch traditional television (although a lot of us do it via streaming services).
  5. Contrary to what people believe, we spend more time per week on all devices than Millennials do: 21 hours on smartphones, 9 hours on PCs, and 4 hours on tablets.

My experience as an entrepreneur started at age eight selling rocks to my relative's, to being a backwoods party organizer in high school, to being a self-employed marketing professional since 2008, and, most recently, a business coach and community activist. 

Through this site, I want to keep reminding people that GenX is still alive and well while encouraging everyone to embrace transportation choices and possibly come out and ride with me sometime!

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