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Call Us Slackers Will You?!

By - jamielynn
03.27.20 07:52 PM

We prepared for this our whole lives

Self-isolating, stay at home orders, having to be creative while locked at home. Lock the doors and stay inside is what every day looked like with two working parents. After school, we went home to a house without parents, and the rules were clear. You were supposed to stay inside, do your homework, feed yourself (and your siblings if you were the oldest), and stay out of trouble. 

I admit, my sister, brother, and I didn't always obey the rules. But, to be fair, we lived 15 miles outside of town, and our closest neighbor with other kids was 3/4 of a mile away. We had 20 of our acres to explore, not to mention the 100's of acres that surrounded our property that was undeveloped. 

There were so many adventures and death-defying feats that I wouldn't trade them for anything. I killed a baby rattlesnake with a rock; we almost started a considerable brush fire and had a wreck on a dirt bike that my ribs felt for weeks. 

But, all of the things we experienced prepared us to take care of ourselves in a world that we would quickly figure out wasn't Candyland. 

So, while we are locked in our homes, keeping our distance from others to keep us all safe from COVID-19, take some time to get outside. Go on an adventure! You don't have to kill a venomous snake, try to burn down the world or crash to enjoy nature, experience something new, or find a new respect for where you live. 

What will you do?

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